Talking Times Table

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Talking Times Table

Tabelline Parlanti

6 times 8 is 48, 9 times 7 is 63, … Listen and answer to the question. And repeat, repeat, repeat… The oldest and more effective way to learn the times table is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Talking Times table uses the possibilities given by smartphones and tablets to ask questions vocally and to listen to the answers: learning times table has never been so funny!certified_badge_4stars_200

Thanks to the vocal interaction kids will quickly learn the times table comfortably lying on the sofa or on the car when going to school with you! The app will be his own personal trainer: before it explains and then asks questions. His has just to listen to the questions and answer. The app will count mistakes in order to ask more frequently the less know times table: in this way he will remember easily and without problems also the most difficult times table.

The app has two main sections, study and test:

  • Inside the study section the kid can choose the times table he would like to practice, from two to ten. In this mode the app says in order the operations of the selected times table, that it asks in ascending order and then randomly. A draw shows the the operation helping the kid to understand and better remember the result.
  • Inside the test section the kid can select the difficult level of the questions up to being tested randomly on all times table from one to ten. The app remembers the mistakes of a test session and will ask those operations at the end to reenforce the learning. The apps tries to ask more the least requested times table and those where the kid made more errors.

The app keeps detailed statistics for information about study progress. It is possible to configure multiple users account and the statistics are separated for every user.


  • Speech recognition (for Apple devices available only starting from iOS 10): the kid can answer with his voice to the questions, in this way the interaction with the app is natural and spontaneous;
  • Text to speech: the app reads the questions simplifying the interaction, for the kid will be as answer to mom or daddy;
  • Multi-user: you can to create multiple users to get a personalized test plan for every user;
  • Statistics: every user can see his own statistics to check his progress. Statistics can be sorted by operation, by number of times it has been asked, by number of right answers and number of wrong answers both in ascending and descending order;
  • Multi-language: you can choose between English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.

Some sounds used inside the app come from and

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