Libroblò: The musical skyscraper

Find musicians and instruments going up and down on the skyscraper!

If you love music, then this Turutu app is perfect for you because it is loaded with musical instruments and sounds! Going up and down on the skyscraper you will find musicians and instruments and by simply tapping on them you will make them come to life and hear the sound the make when they play. Fun, uh?

Special features

  • Fun and easy to use and play!
  • Be amazed by the graphics, the drawings, the sounds and the music
  • Use the pulley to go up and down on the skyscraper and discover all of the characters
  • Learn how to recognize each and every instrument and hear the sound the make!
  • Develop your creative skills and discover the fantastic world of music!
  • It works on “airplane mode” too
  • Possibility of turning sounds on / off

And now … are you ready to enjoy the magic of this magical and musical game? Yes you are!

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Orchestra sections: percussions, woodwinds, brasses, winds, guitars, choir, jazz orchestra, and the complete orchestra divided into 10 floors.